Dilly Dally

tifaTifa was one of those characters I never truly appreciated, until I became an adult. Growing up, I was what you’d call a ‘stan’ (aka a really obssessive fan) for Aerith, though I don’t ever recall ever hating on Tifa: I’d just largely ignored her.

It’s funny just how much you pick up on when you’re older. Her character really speaks to me on so many levels, and she’s truly a delight to have in the party. Which makes me all the more frustrated with the Compilation, since she’s reduced to being a glorified babysitter for Marlene and Denzel (and whatever kids happen to come through I guess), and ridiculous tension with Cloud. How disappointing.

That said, her Advent Children outfit is quite possibly one of the best redesigns of any sequel or whatever. Just my 2 cents.

They Was Gonna Eat’cha

yoloI’ve seen GOTG about 4 times now (with a fifth time in the next day or so), and it just gets better each time I see it. Sure, there are flaws and whatnot, but for me, it’s just an enjoyable experience and I pick more and more things up each time.

… Or in this case, I find a new favorite character. Sure, Rocket and Groot will always be my top favorites and hold firm to my heart center. But surprisingly enough, I’ve really grown fond of Yondu now. I can’t quite describe why, since he’s an amoral jackhole who has questionable ethics. But he’s not one of the bad guys either, which makes him an interestingly, if understated complex character as well.

(I also have an affinity for Southern accents and goatees. Well.)

I really do hope we see more of Yondu in the sequel (and that he doesn’t die, haha). We just might, if they tackle a plot thread that I can’t mention without giving away any spoilers at this point in time.

Real, Authentic, Hysterical Laughter

rg2I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and let me say, it was worth the wait. As far as the Big Two go, I consider myself more of a Marvel person, but I’ve always had a soft spot for their Cosmic stuff. I didn’t read many comics beforehand, but I’d gotten into reading Marvel in earnest in the summer of 2006. My choices for events were ‘Civil War’ or ‘Annihilation’. Since I like science fiction, I went with ‘Annihilation’, and my heart belonged to Marvel’s cosmic skyways since.

Anyhow, GOTG is an overall *fun* movie. It’s pretty much the antithesis to any pick of the Nolan Batflicks, imho. Moves at a very quick clip, which I like quite a lot. I liked everyone fair amounts, but Rocket Raccoon and Groot stole my heart center and then some. There’s something about their buddy dynamic that just speaks to me, and one I truly enjoy. I’ve seen the movie twice now (as of this posting), and I can safely say these two just get to me even more. Love it.

Something Something, Brooding

Vincent ValentineI must admit, there is something oddly endearing about Vincent Valentine and his overall design/character, however overplayed the archetype is. Then again, he comes from a time long before Belt and Zipper Overload, so I figure that if FF7 were created today, Vincent would probably be adorned with them all over.

As for this, well, I’ll freely admit the picture is generic. I did enjoy getting to draw Vincent again after so many years, so I guess that balances everything out.

Tea Time

Cid HighwindFirst, WOW, I’m really bad about keeping up with this!

Second, thanks in part to a dear heart friend of mine, I’ve gotten back into Final Fantasy VII. It’s only been, what, 13-14 years since I’ve last played the game? So much makes sense now (and doesn’t, no thanks to the Compilation, but I digress), and my opinions on most of the characters have changed drastically. Having, yanno, life experience and adulthood will do that to you.

Here’s a Cid Highwind I did a while back. I relate to Cid in most respects (except I don’t smoke like a smokestack, and I hate heights), which may or may not be a good thing…

Such Sweet Sorrow

terraFinal Fantasy 6 is one of my favorite FF titles. Mostly because it has a very strong cast of characters, especially when it comes to females. Terra in particular stood out to me the most (though Celes is just as awesome, too!).

And her esper form was, and still is, simply gorgeous. Nice to see it rendered in 3 dimensions in ‘Dissidia’, imho.

Highly Unusual

treekToday brings us Treek, the -depending on who you ask- anachronistic CM-only ewok companion in TOR. I was never fussed with the whole lore issue of the Star Wars EU (not that it matters much anymore), plus they never actually refer to Treek’s species, so it’s neither here nor there. Still, she’s a good healer companion to have, esp. if you didn’t choose a healer-based AC and/or get your healer late in the game. Or, if you’re like me, and hate Doc with a passion.

I opted to draw Treek in a style similar to the old ‘Ewoks’ cartoon from the 80’s. It was a pretty good fit for her, and I’m surprised that -to the best of my knowledge- no one else has done something similar before.

As for the 80’s cartoons themselves, ‘Droids’ was like sitting through a root canal with little to no Novocaine. ‘Ewoks’ -the first season- on the other hand, wasn’t memorable, but pretty decent none the less.  Except for the 1st season’s theme song. That’s an earworm that gets stuck in my head so bad whenever I hear it, ughhh….


splintWhen I first saw the new TMNT cartoon, I was pretty impressed with it after a couple of episodes. A show that was funny, had some gripping moments, and a lot of heart? Do very much want! I was hooked practically the rest of the season (though I’ll say there were a few dud-y episodes).

Season 2? Ehhh… not so much. Something about it hasn’t really *clicked* with me yet. Maybe it’s the focus on Monsters of the Week. Or maybe it’s the slightly uneven characterization of several characters. I’d like to think it’s just a sophomore slump. They’ve got 3 more episodes left to turn it around, so here’s hoping.

On the bright side, Splinter’s still fun to draw from this show. But I *kinda* wish he -and to an extent, April- would get some refreshed appearances. Oh well.