If you’re here, I’m afraid to say I’m not that interesting of a person. But, if you must know about me, I might as well give you a few details.

I love being inspired by things that make me happy. I also like aliens and assorted xenoesque shenanigans. I do have my own personal projects -original ideas, if you wanted to put it that way-, but I’m still a little cagey on sharing them. I’m trying to get better, though.

I like to draw for fun, mostly, and have done so for pretty much my entire life. I was largely self-taught (to put it very loosely), and eventually took art classes in college. After deciding that art wasn’t going to pay the bills, I decided to focus on other things, but still keep it as a hobby. A fair compromise!

Currently, I’m developing my original comic series/webcomic/graphic novel, ‘Ad Astra 77’, as well as a few other ideas here and there.