Here are my commission rates per style of drawing:

Commission Rates

Commission Rates



  • These are priced the way they are due to factoring in time, effort, etc. As you all know, I have not been pumping out art as frequently compared to years past, so having a higher price tag on them is a good lit fire under my feet to work harder on them.
  • I will draw original characters and fan art. However, visual references MUST be provided, especially for OCs. I will not design for you from scratch/only text descriptions.
  • Yes, I will draw furries and mecha, but absolutely NO fetish/kink-related material.
  • I take only PayPal at this time. Also, payment, ideally, must be received first, but I am willing to work with you if you’re not able to pay fully upfront.  I will send you an invoice after confirmation of commission has been received.
  • Average estimated time of completion is no later than 2 weeks. If in the event something happens that would cause me to fall behind (such as illness, computer failure, or the world ending), I will let you know ASAP.